yokkao kids results

Saturday February the 1oth saw TWO of ERAWAN’s young female fighters travel to Barnsley to make up the HEADLINING bouts on the prestigious YOKKAO next generation KIDS show – the biggest junior platform in the UK.

They both took on the best girls in Europe, if not World level opposition.

First up was ANYA CARTER who faced off against renowned Ellie Barker, multiple British, European and World Champion. Ellie is also a sponsored Yokkao fighter and has just been voted Junior fighter of the year. Both Anya and Ellie have met in their early days with Ellie taking the win, and since then Ellie has clocked up an impressive 50 fights with 42 wins against Anya’s 14 fights. Both girls weighed in exactly the same and we knew when taking the fight it was always going to be a tough one with the vast experience difference and Ellie being that bit older.

Ellie took the win via points, Anya gave a strong fight and didn’t look out of place with one of the deciding factors was Ellie’s forward style backing Anya up at times. Anya fought strong till the final bell and gave a more than credible account of herself proving what level she can mix it up at, with the right attitude, commitment & application, the sky is the limit for this girl.

Next up was KONNIE GRACE who took on a really experienced and composed DUTCH champion. Her opponent was due to fight elite junior – Jodie The Beast from Ireland, Konnie stepped up when the fight fell through. Konnie gave away a bit of weight and her opponent was a very tall girl meaning she caused Konnie problems keeping a longer range and was that bit too strong, heavy and tall when closing down with catching, sweeps and clinch.

Never the less she put on a classy performance and fought really well and again more than held her own against a top class international opponent, oh and she definitely entertained the crowd with her crazy little ways.

Overall the results were what was expected, two losses against two opponents who were tipped to win by most, but they shocked a few people that’s for sure and proved themselves as credible contenders against two of the best kids around.

Very happy with both of them, Happy with both results. We said at the beginning, as long as they make a good account of themselves at this level we would be very pleased with that. These two have loads of experience to catch up on and who knows what happens in the future.

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