Erawan Thai Boxing are delighted to welcome Neil Gribbon to the team. Neil has a wealth of experience, excellent knowledge base and very experienced with regards to scoring criteria. Neil is also a great pad man and will be an excellent addition that will be great benefit to those wishing to compete. Its something we have discussed for a long time now, so its great to get things in place.

In addition to this, Erawan have also appointed Hayley Fox as assistant coach in general. Originally joining Erawan to train, she then started to teach the ladies only classes. However after discussing with Steven, has now agreed to help with the fighters in general, which again is great news for those wanting to compete, those that already compete and newer starters too.

“Im really happy with both of these coming on board, it puts Erawan in an even better position than previous and can only benefit everyone in the gym. There is some major things in the pipeline for the gym and things are about to come to fruition. Im looking forward to see how things develop over the coming months / year” – Steven Wright