New Pro ISKA English Title for Erawan

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Feb 20th saw Erawan fighter – Robbie Collins, compete at Liam Harrisons HGH Show in Leeds. His opponent fighting out of Leeds Met / Bad Company started off strong landing some heavy shots, but Collins soon calmed him with some strong body shots of his own and cleverly walking his opponent down and pulling off some simple yet effective clinch work. The fight was being dominated buy Collins in the clinch and eventually after round 3 his opponent retired in the corner and didn’t make round 4. “It was the way forward in this fight, his opponent was throwing rather wild punches, some landing, Robbie did the right thing and slowly but surely ground his man down. I was happy as it showed a different dimension to Robbie” – Steven Wright.

As a result he picked up the Welterweight version of the ISKA English Pro Title. You can next see Robbie fight on the huge Tanko Main Event in Bolton May 14th. See Steven or Robbie for tickets.